Your Life, The Movie

As a screenwriter, I often think in terms of story structure; beginning, middle and end. More specifically, Act One, Act Two and Act Three.

Having had a landmark birthday this year got me to thinking. Am I living a story well-told? If my life is a movie, what do I want Act Three to look like? 

To that end, am I even ready to fully embrace Act Three with its new paths, low points, high points and  resolution?

Why yes, yes I am.  

Let's say your life is a dazzling, memorable film. Now structure it into…

  • Act One: ages 0 to 20
  • Act Two, Part 1: ages 21-35
  • Act Two, Part 2: ages 36-50
  • Act Three: ages 50+

That’s a rough outline, but let’s start there. Of course, you, as the hero of your own journey, will find yourself in many stories, at varying stages in your life.  But for the sake of this metaphor, say you’re in Act Two, Part 2. You’ve moved forward by slaying dragons (obstacles), you’ve passed the point of no return (your 40s, family, career, the identity you’ve created), and you find yourself with more complications and higher stakes ahead because that makes for a compelling tale. It’s up to you whether it’s a comedy, adventure, drama or scifi. 

Act Three begins with the Dark Night of the Soul. 

My 2020 was the darkest of dark nights. It was The Undoing, the All Hope is Lost moment. It felt out of my control, and though much of it was, I could still decide how it would play out. 

I am choosing to take my experience and challenges, and leverage them into a full and filmic act. 

Imagine watching to the end of an Act Two where the hero looks at the obstacles she's overcome, the villains she's conquered, the moments of truth she's stared down. How odd would it be if she, with her newfound wisdom, her ability to start anew, to create… said, “Nah, I’m good. I’ll just stay here.”

That’s called retirement.

Which Act are you in? What will you make of it? The beauty is that this story is in your hands.

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